Before you get a new puppy

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Are you thinking about getting a dog? If you are we are here to help you from the very moment you begin considering the idea.

We offer sound, factual answers to some of the following questions:-

Will a dog fit in with my current lifestyle?
What breed of dog will best suit my household?
Should I get a new puppy from a breeder or rescue/rehome?
How much time and money will I need to invest?
What if I move house/have a baby/develop an allergy?
Is my home environment suitable? Will I need to change anything?
What equipment/food should I buy? What are the costs?
Do I need Pet Insurance? Which policy is best for me?

Choosing to share your life with a dog is one of the most amazingly rewarding things you can do, but it is NOT for everyone.
If you are seriously considering making this (up to) 15 year commitment then please contact us.
A one hour home visit costs just £20.00

If you have already found the dog or puppy you are considering, we offer a full assessment to help you decide if it really is the dog for you. We can travel to breeders’ homes to assist with picking a puppy, or to where the dog is currently residing.  We are also able to offer a bespoke handling and socialisation programme for the breeder to begin implementing before your pup has left the litter.
Full assessments are between £20 – £40 price on application (travel charges may apply)