Is your dog scared of fireworks?

Thunder, Fireworks and other noise phobias – by Kirsten Dillon It is unknown why some pets become afraid of noises such as thunder and fireworks; it is a common problem in dogs, but less so in cats. The fear can soon become a phobia, which is defined as a persistent, excessive, and irrational fear response. […]

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Homemade dog treats

There is a very basic recipe for making simple, low fat and inexpensive dog treats, which can be cut to size to suit your dog/s. Experiment with their favourite and you’ll find they really love to work for them! Begin with a basic cake mix:- Flour of your choice (wholemeal/gluten free/plain/self raising) 1 to 2 […]

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Scents and Scent-ability!

Surely everyone knows how good a dog’s sense of smell is, but do you know just HOW good it is? The tissues inside a dog’s nasal cavity are over sixty times larger than the same area in humans and they have over forty times as much of their brain devoted to smell than humans! Therefore […]

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