Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

KD LOGO 2014 50As we embrace a brave new world of communication, understanding, trust and respect, we move away from outdated and disproven theories such as ‘pack leadership’ ‘rank’ and ‘dominance’.
Our trainers and behaviourists are highly qualified and have extensive experience not only with dogs, but also with the human end of the lead. We understand the difficulties that modern life can throw up and offer realistic training and behaviour protocols that fit around you.
Communication and education are our goal. We use only the least intrusive, proven, force free methods based on the scientific research of behaviour and learning. Using methodologies such as positive reinforcement* with proven success, we are advancing the understanding of canine learning.
We also aim to make our services as affordable as possible by ensuring our fees are fair and competitive. We offer discounts for recently rescued or rehomed dogs and are happy to discuss a payment plan should you feel it necessary.
KD LOGO 2014 50All of our training is done on a one to one basis, and we recommend involving the entire household where possible. Each session is entirely bespoke for both you and your dog.
Because not everybody has the time or the confidence to train their own dog, we also offer ‘Owner Absent’ training sessions where we can help your dog to learn new behaviours without you present. We then perform a comprehensive handover back to you. This is perfect for busy owners or those whose presence, through no fault of their own, makes the undesirable behaviour worse. As we are veterinary recommended, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve made the right decision when you choose to contact us.